Skateboard GB is the National Governing Body for skateboarding in England and the home of Olympic skateboarding in Great Britain.

The organisation exists to give skateboarders the opportunity to “Skate More, Skate Better” ensuring they are skater-focused in everything that they do; aiming to lead, support, empower and facilitate.

Skateboard GB celebrate and champion everything that is positive about Skateboarding’s heritage and culture and work with the Skateboarding community to develop more opportunities and better environments to skate, inspiring future generations of skateboarders as a result of success on the world stage.

We work closely with Skateboard Scotland and Skateboard NI for grassroots skateboarding in these countries and a soon to be formed Welsh Governing body.

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Our team vision within the organisation encompasses:

Trust and Respect
Learning, Collaboration and Ideas
Supporting and Caring 
(for each other)
True Values, Culture and Purpose 
(of Skateboarding)
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