How do athletes qualify for the Olympics?

The Paris 2024 games will have 2 skateboarding disciplines for both male and female; 4 events in all. There will be 22 places for each event, 88 in total.

Of the 22 places for each event :
–       20 athletes will qualify through the Olympic World Skateboarding Rankings, by gaining points from competing a various Olympic qualifying events throughout the year. Most points qualify.

– 1 Place will be reserved for the host nation of France. This person is the highest-ranked skater in the host nation; in this case, France

– 1 Universality Place.

Each country is allowed 6 men and 6 women for skateboarding, but no more than 3 athletes per gender, per event. For example, Brazil may have 7 skaters in the top 16, but only the first 3 of those 7 will qualify.


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