10-Year-old Sky is one step closer to Olympic dream

It has been announced this weekend that Sky Brown, Skateboard GB rider, has just been seeded for the ISO World Championship event in Nanjing next month, meaning that she will automatically start in the quarter finals.

In her first international Olympic qualifying event, Dew Tour in the United States, Sky was the youngest skater in the competition. She posted the highest score in the qualifying round of the park event and was third after the quarterfinals and although she failed to advance to the finals, her score was high enough to get her into the top 15, for the 5-Star event in China.

Earlier this month Sky broke her arm in a skating accident, but this did not deter her from training or competing. Sporting a pink cast on her right arm the determined 10-year-old landed a series of tricks out of the 12-metre-high bowl course in Long Beach, California.

“I want to go to the Olympics,” she says. “I want to be the youngest one out there and show the girls it doesn’t matter how big you are or how small you are. You can do anything.”

The ISO World Championships in China will take place on 14th – 19th July 2019 in Nanjing and will provide riders with 3rd tier qualifying points needed for the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

Sam Beckett, who is one of Sky’s team mates, as part of the Skateboard GB aspirational team, will also compete in China. This will be his first qualifying event this season, after a series of injuries have prevented him from competing.

Lucy Adams, professional skateboarder and the chair for Skateboard GB said ‘Sky has continued to perform better and better this season. Her runs in LA were world class, putting her on par with the best senior athletes in her field, which is astounding for someone of her age’.

Sky is currently placed 12th in Olympic World Ranking which was released last week, which if maintained over the next season, would see her qualify for the Olympic Games and give Great Britain, their youngest ever athlete at the Summer games.

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