Skateboard GB embark on innovative work with TKC SALES Ltd

Skateboard GB are excited to announce a new innovative collaboration with skateboarding distributor TKC SALES Ltd; working with their core skateboarding brands Fracture Skateboards and Triple 8 UK.

TKC SALES Ltd will support Skateboard GB’s purpose to provide all skateboarders with the opportunity to “Skate More, Skate Better”. Through sponsorship with Fracture and Triple 8, TKC SALES Ltd will support Skateboard GB’s work in encouraging participation and provide important investment in Skateboard GB’s competitions and events. Making a truly positive contribution to these initiatives and the overall strategic objectives of Skateboard GB.

The sponsorship by TKC SALES Ltd will generate key investment in Skateboard GB’s Survival of the Sickest junior competition series, helping continue the growth of this exciting and growing competition series. Survival of the Sickest offers skateboarders across England, Scotland and Wales the opportunity to try competitive skateboarding in a welcoming and inclusive environment, across the competitions 75% of entrants are new to the series; demonstrating Survival of the Sickest provides opportunities for young people which were previously non-existent.

This new collaboration will also see new skateboarders at some competitions and community events receive products from Fracture and Triple 8; helping them stay invested in and engaged with skateboarding in the early stages of their journeys. This support is a testament to the vision and values of TKC SALES Ltd, who see the importance of supporting skateboarders as a key pillar of their organisation.

Tom Adams, Head of Commercial Partnerships at Skateboard GB said, “We’re very pleased and excited to be working with TKC SALES Ltd and their Triple 8 and Fracture brands. TKC SALES Ltd care deeply about skateboarding and recognised the value of working with Skateboard GB, which is testament to the great projects we work on. We’re looking forward to getting more of their amazing products into the hands of British skateboarders”

TKC SALES Ltd Director, Matt Woodruffe said, “Everything in this world deserves a little support and encouragement to survive and flourish.  Since this has always been part of TKC’s essential character and being then sponsoring Skateboard GB comes naturally to us.  We all look forward to enjoying the positive growth and benefit this may deliver to skateboarding in the UK”.

As part of this collaboration, TKC SALES Ltd will actively promote Skateboard GB’s community projects through various channels, including social media, events, and marketing campaigns. Helping to generate greater awareness, encourage community participation, and inspire future skateboarders.

Both TKC SALES Ltd and Skateboard GB are thrilled about the potential that this collaboration holds and are eager to witness the positive changes it will bring to skateboarders in Great Britain.

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