How will skateboarders be judged in competition?

A team of 5 experienced judges will decide the winners through a scoring system for each run the skateboarder performs. The criteria will be based on difficulty and variety of performed tricks, flow or consistency in the performance, quality of execution, use of course/obstacles in a performance and repetition.

Each skateboarder will get 3 runs each (in the final). Five judges will score competitors using a 0-100-point scale. The highest and lowest scores are dropped, and the remaining three scores are averaged to calculate a score for each run. The best scored run of each skater will count towards the competition result.

Skateboarders will perform two 45-second runs and five individually scored tricks each. Both of the runs, and each of the five tricks, will be judged by five judges using a 0-100 points scale. The highest and lowest are dropped with the remaining three scores averaged out to give a score for each run and trick (seven scores). The score from the best run and the score from the two best tricks will be added to give the total round score (best possible score is 300).

For more technical information about Olympic Skateboard events and disciplines please see World Skate Skateboarding Rulebook


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