First eSports Skateboarding Event Launches Today

True Skate, Skateboard GB and Live Heats are happy to announce the launch of the first ever eSports skateboarding event, launching 5pm (GMT) Wednesday 15th December 2021, the event window will be open for 5 days closing 5pm (GMT) Monday 20th December.

There has been a huge growth in online skateboard games over the last few years and a large increase in the number of people participating and watching skateboarding since it’s debut in the Tokyo Olympics earlier this summer.

The aim of the event is to allow more people ‘try’ skateboarding on a digital platform, with the aim to encourage people to participate in skateboarding in real life.

True Skate players can enter the Skateboard GB “Live Event” at any time during the event period period. True Skate enables true control but requires true skill and judges will be looking for the cleanest most creative flow score utilising as much of the park as possible.

After starting the event, players will have 3 hours to progress by achieving a ‘Bronze Medal’ flow score, starting at a street spot at Schoolyard, moving to a park at Underpass then to Inbound.

True Axis Managing Director Luke Ryan comments “We are excited to see True Skate used as a vehicle to promote skateboarding participation in Great Britain particularly after the success of the Tokyo Olympics and the recent news of skateboarding’s inclusion at the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles.”

Neil Ellis, Head of Engagement at Skateboard GB said “It is really exciting to partner with True Skate and Live Heats to create the first ever skateboarding eSports event in the UK. The game is the most realistic version of skateboarding we have seen on a digital platform and we hope that it will help increase participation of skateboarding in the UK”

True Skate is the ultimate skateboarding simulation and world’s Number 1 paid mobile sports game, with over 25 million downloads across the globe. LiveHeats is a competition management and live scoring app for action sports.

Note players must be from Great Britain and registered at Players will be required to pay a small entrance fee. Players final run will be scored by an official Skateboard GB judge and a True Skate judge.

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