MySkate App – Updated skateboard App for 2023

Skateboard GB is proud to announce the launch of the updated MySkate App, which now features over 2000 skateparks and now hundreds of skate spots across the UK

MySkate is the first UK skateboarding app which allows skateboarders to search and locate skateparks across the country by entering a location or postcode. It includes maps, photos, park features and reviews for each individual skate park.

Earlier this year a brand new feature was added, which allows users to search and upload skate spots, as well as skateparks. The new functionality will give skaters even more options to choose somewhere to skate.

The app also features the only mobile version of one of skateboarding’s most loved games, S.K.A.T.E. Players challenge their friends to a game, using the app to randomly generate tricks which all attempt to land. The player who lands the most tricks, wins the game. This form of gamification has been hugely successful with youngsters.

The MySkate App will help provide skateboarders with information about skateboard parks keeping them interested in the sport, while the game of S.K.A.T.E. is a great way for skateboarders to try new tricks and improve their skating

You can download the MySkate app in the Apple App Store or Google Play now.

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