Skateboard GB announces new members on the England Advisory Group

Skateboard GB are happy to announce that 6 additional people have been appointed to the recently formed England Advisory Group (EAG) for grassroots skateboarding. The new members are Rob Bannister, Will Jones, Martin Burton, Aga Wood, Michelle Pletsch and Alison De Bacher.

The selection process took place during the summer and encouraged applications with different experiences and expertise in skateboarding from all age groups, genders, ethnic backgrounds and geographical locations, so that EAG is fully representative of all parts of the English skateboarding community.

Members of the EAG will provide advice and opinion to the Skateboard GB Board regarding grassroots skateboarding in England, reflecting the views of the skateboarding community.

The new members join Geoff Else, Jamie Burton, Claire Alleaume, Brent Lewis, Russ Holbert and Ricardo Magee to make up the full EAG.

Decisions regarding grassroots skateboarding in Scotland will be made by Skateboard Scotland, in Northern Ireland by Skateboard:NI and in Wales by a new governing body that is being considered.

Chair, Geoff Else has been a part of the group since its formation, commented “Its great to see these additions to the group, they bring with them a breadth of knowledge and experience in the skateboarding community. This will be really beneficial to the group to help to guide & advise on the direction of focus for grassroots skateboarding in England, through Skateboard GB”.

Rob Bannister has been skateboarding since he was 8 years old and have been professionally involved with skateboarding through opening and running The House Skatepark in Sheffield since 1998.He has a core focus to promote skateboarding, equality and good life choices.

Aga Wood is the founder of EVERYONE on BOARDS, a grassroots community program which organises events, workshops, and sessions to inspire and empower young people and families through skateboarding and action sports. We also introduce young people to associated skills related to the wider skate culture, such as photography, filmmaking, print processes (e.g. screen printing, heat transfer).

Will Jones is a lifelong skateboarder from London, who works as a lawyer looking at the legal rights, protections, and frameworks that are relevant to skateboarding in the UK, plus the restrictions that have been placed on UK skateboarding without any (or any adequate) consultation with the skateboarding community.

Alison De Bacher has recently re-connected with skateboarding (over a year) through her 7 year old daughter who started skating 2 years ago. Working and skating mainly at The Shred House, which is the Isle of Man’s first and only indoor skate park, Alison also runs “Galskate” social account covering  journey through skating and share inspiration for other skaters of all genders and LGBTQ community.

Martin Burton is the Founder and one of the co-owners of Skint Skateboards, a skater with a deep passion for the art/sport and a passion to help build the future of skateboarding in England and beyond.

Michelle Pletsch has been skateboarding and working within and for the skateboard community for many years; most recently undertaking research on the diversity of skateboarding in England. Alongside this skateboarding experience, she also has 20 years of experience working in project management and community engagement and development and a background in social work and urban planning.

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