Stunning New Skatepark is Unveiled

The largest skatepark in the British Isles has opened to the public. Les Quennevais Skatepark in Jersey is the new home to an impressive skatepark spanning 3,000m2 in size and includes a huge array of obstacles, ramps, bowls and rails.

The impressive facility is located in the west of the island and overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. The venue took many years of hard work starting in early 2018 and included securing funding and planning permission and design and construction. Construction was completed earlier this year at a cost of £1.8 million, with the majority of the funding coming from the Government of Jersey, who have provided capital for skateboarding and other wheeled sports. The venue contains a large bowl with a shallow and deep section separated by a spine and unique design features. It has a maximum depth of 2.7m. The ‘street’ section of the skatepark is approximately 2,500m2 in size and features no less than 12 rails, an array of banks, hips and transitions and 17 blocks and ledges, utilising a mixture of obstacles inspired by street furniture, classic skate spots and modern skatepark design. To the side there are seating areas and toilets. Work is underway to create a Community Space to support the growth of skateboarding and other wheeled sports.

The skatepark is the outcome of years of hard work by the Jersey Skateparks Association, a voluntary group of passionate skaters, BMXers and parents who worked with the Government of Jersey to create the facility. Upon completion Daco Fernandes, Vice President of the JSA, commented “YES!! C’mon! Let’s ‘ave it!!”.

An opening Skate Jam event was created back in April by JSA, and an offshoot of the group – Skateboard Jersey – is now leading delivery of sessions and lessons at the skatepark, working closely with Skateboard GB and Jersey Sport, with the mission to make skateboarding accessible to all and to develop and support, from grass roots level to the very pinnacle of it’s potential.

Jersey has previously had very little facilities for skateboarders, but with the success of Les Quennevais Skatepark, the JSA are looking at other sites around the island. Plans are due to be unveiled for another park in St Helier, the capital of Jersey, this year.

Skate Space, a project driven by Natalie Mayer, is pushing hard for anindoor skatepark. The mission is to build an indoor skate and create hub,inside a cavernous disused Methodist church. Situated in St Ouen, thewild west of the island, just 4 minutes from the Atlantic coast with itspumping surf, and 10 minutes from the new concrete outdoor.The project will encourage and drive informal video making, art andphotography mentorship opportunities, as well as providing local skaterswith a ‘home from home’ which they can take creative control over.Inspired by old school atmospheric DIY projects in disused spaces (thinkthe Alis bowl in Cristiania circa 2000) the building also has theopportunity for an epic mural, on the level of skateboarding’s ownSistine chapel. Collaborators are welcome, the ambitious project iscurrently awaiting planning permission.

Les Quennevais Skatepark is now fully open and free to use to thepublic. Updates are posted to

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