UK results and summary from the SLS qualifying event in London 2019

The World Skate/SLS qualifying event in London was the first international event of Olympic Skateboarding, with 164 athletes from 45 National teams competing for 12 girls and 10 guys places.

Held at BAYSIXTY6 skatepark, the Global Open for Women and Men utilised a new format, which was introduced in Rio de Janeiro Street Skateboarding 2018 World Championship. It allows skaters from all around the world to have the chance to access to the historical Street League tour and compete at the finals, held at the Copperbox Arena on 25th and 26th May 2019.

The skateboarders competing for the UK included Joe Hinson, Alex Dechuna, Aaron Jago, Jordan Sharkey, George Poole, Clive Dixon, Aimy Brady, Helena Long and Roxanna Howlett.

The female event was held on the Tuesday, with strong competition from over 50 girls from around the globe. Helena, Aimy and Roxanna all skated really well throughout the day and received great support from the crowd, however missed out on making it into the top 10, with Roxanna taking a respectable 24th, Helena 31st and Aimy in 39th place.

The event on Wednesday was packed out, with every bit of spectator space covered with avid onlookers. The competition started at 3pm with 12 heats running through to the early evening. This year a 3-skater jam format was used, with a 3 minute run to impress the judges of their skill level. There were over 100 males competing through the day and the level of skating was high, but the UK skaters held their own and had incredible runs, finishing in the following positions: George Poole 31st, Alex Dechuna 35th, Joe Hinson 51st, Arron Jago 52nd, Jordan Sharkey 72nd and Clive Dixon 96th.

The final takes place at the Copperbox Arena on 25th and 26th May 2019.

Full results – MALE

Full results – FEMALE

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