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The Coaching Skills course is designed to draw out the attending coach’s experiences and strategies both to build on these and enable knowledge sharing between course participants, thus building each coach’s repertoire.

How You Will Learn

We understand that many coaches at this level prefer informal learning and development opportunities This programme incorporates a number of learning methods combining virtual reflections, practical coaching and classroom-based sessions to introduce new concepts and supporting knowledge. 

Course Content

The Coaching Skills course is designed to offer coaches tools and frameworks to develop their coaching practice. Below are some of the topics covered in this course.

How Skaters Learn 

  • Golden Rules of Learning

  • A Learning Skater’s Brain

  • Cognitive Load Theory

  • Skater learning strategies


Coaching Approach 

  • Coaching Priorities

  • Rainbow of Coaching Styles (coach-led/ student-led)

  • The Biopsychosocial Model


Professional Judgement and Decision Making

  • Decision Making

  • Learning design: (continuous, blocked, varied, random)

  • Nested Planning

  • Framework Planning


 Reflective Skills

  • Why Reflection Matters

  • Reflective Techniques

Who Is The Coaching Skills Course For?

For those already on the SBGB Coach Development Pathway who have completed the Get Rolling programme and have banked at least 200 hours of teaching experience since they completed Get Rolling.

We know that the UK’s skateboard coaching community also includes many experienced coaches who may not have completed Get Rolling, however, have accrued years of on-the-job knowledge and experience. If you are an experienced coach looking to further develop your coaching skills, this course is for you.

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