Skateboard GB Team Selection Policy and Application 2022

Photo: Liberto Fillo

Skateboard GB has announced the launch of its inaugural “Team Selection Policy and Application”, which provides British skateboarders with the opportunity to apply to be a member of Skateboard GB’s “Pro” or “Flo” skateboard teams.

Building on the successes of our Tokyo 2020 UK Sport “Aspiration” funded team. Skateboard GB is, once again, committed to supporting skateboarders in their efforts to qualify and medal at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games (Pro Team).

Looking to the future, Skateboard GB is stoked to expand its offer of support during the Paris 2024 Olympic cycle to British skateboarders, who have a focus on longer-term development and have the potential to be successful at future competitions, such as the LA 2028 and Brisbane 2032 Olympic Games (Flo Team).

Using the experience, knowledge and information gained throughout the Tokyo 2020 Olympic cycle, Skateboard GB has developed a Team Selection Policy, which provides the Selection Panel with objective and subjective criteria to consider when selecting skateboarders to the “Pro” of “Flo” teams. This includes but is not limited to trick difficulty and repertoire and competition readiness and results.

Darren Pearcy, Performance Manager at Skateboard GB, commented: “We’re incredibly proud of what was achieved by our aspiration funded team during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic cycle. Continuing to learn from and build on those incredible journeys and successes will be extremely valuable as Skateboard GB grows and further develops its understanding of skateboarder support.

We’re excited to release our first ever-team selection policy and have the opportunity to support a wider group of British skateboarders moving towards the Paris games and beyond. It’s going to be fun”.

Applications for the Skateboard GB selection will be open to the public from March 3rd and close on April 4th 2022.

Learn more about the selection policy and how to apply

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